Ringing Cedars of Russia:

Regina Jensen: Vladimir Nikolaevich, I would first like to ask you a philosophical question: You are a well-known person and writer with world-wide acclaim. Your books are sold in great numbers throughout the world; yet you live modestly, not surrounded with luxuries as is often the case with world-renowned celebrities. Can you explain why you differ from others in that respect?

Vladimir Megre: I consider it senseless and even unethical to own large apartments filled with a multitude of objects if you yourself cannot be constantly in contact with them, fill them with your aura.

I sometimes visit my acquaintances, who have houses with twelve rooms and more. They have a servant, cook, gardener, but in their home one does not feel that invisible warmth that the surrounding space may give a person if the person is in direct contact and personal communication with this space. A hired gardener is involved with the garden not with love, but for money. A cleaning woman will hardly clean furniture and vacuum the floors with love, but they are the main persons responsible for that living-space, not the owners. Even a highly qualified cook is not able to prepare the type of food that can be made by one's own grandmother, mother, or beloved woman. Food made by a stranger will not have the same energy or force as food made by people close to you, who truly love you. That is why I live in a small apartment on the edge of the city. Twenty metres from the loggia of the apartment is a pine forest. I feel that the best place in my dwelling is my office, where there is a portrait of Anastasia, a picture portraying her parents, and other pictures. There is a carved desk and chair of Siberian cedar, brought from the taiga, made by talented Siberian craftsmen (photograph of the table, chair, statuette). I work at this desk. I sleep on a couch in the same office.

I believe that a person should have the type of dwelling that he himself can fill with his aura, and with which he can be in a kindly relationship. Then it will return to him its love. If strangers work in a person's dwelling, they can leave behind their energy, which is not always wholesome for the owner. Understanding this, I do not strive to have a luxurious apartment with a lot of rooms.

R.J.: That is a very touching and unusual way to consider and describe personal space, Vladimir Nikolaevich. Thank You!
Regarding money, I know also that you send your personal funds to finance social projects, you even gave up your country home to establish an art gallery. I understand all too well that for a person like you, money cannot be an end in itself. Even though, I am interested in your personal thoughts about money.

V.M.: In actuality, no one really needs money. But in the conditions of the virtual world in which modern society finds itself, the virtual value of banknotes provides for real everyday necessities. These are, of course, different for everyone.

The royalties I receive personally are completely sufficient for my everyday needs. But when I accumulate more money, I will direct it for the creation of feature films which, I hope, will help me and many others to define our destiny in space and time as we conceive it. In general, I have a balanced attitude toward money. I certainly don't worship it.

R.J.: Vladimir Nikolaevich, currently, many people are discussing the "Megre" phenomenon. You became involved in business as an ordinary photographer, without any initial capital or education in economics, and in a short time you became the chairman of the Siberian businessmen's association, a businessman known throughout Russia. You suddenly give up business, all your savings, and begin to write books, while having no specialized education, no money to publish the first edition. And again in a relatively short period of time you have become a well-known writer in modern Russia and all the former countries of the Soviet Union. The ideas contained in your books are discussed at the highest levels of power, and the name Vladimir Megre is frequently at the center of social and political conversations.
Moreover, correct me if I am wrong, your books have been translated into 20 languages of the world and their total circulation is more than 11 million copies. The ideas described in your books have found a response in the souls of people living in the USA, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Germany, England, and many other countries. Your creative work is compared to the work of the "later" Tolstoy, and John Woodsworth, a Canadian researcher and poet, has written an interesting paper in this regard. I remember reading it on the Ringing Cedars of Russia website. (Ed. Note: see reference below.)
Tell me, how do you yourself explain the "Megre" phenomenon? I would imagine that so much fame can be quite a burden.

V.M.: Fame is not a burden. It does, after all, have a life of its own, beyond the walls of my office. When I walk along the street, I in no way draw attention to the fact that I am a writer, which allows me to observe life around me. I do not consider myself a phenomenon or special in any way. I was the most ordinary businessman, made trade expeditions on ships down rivers into the heart of Siberia, did not have any spiritual or moral goals before me. It was simply thanks to fate that I ended up at the right place at the right time.

Imagine a deserted bank of the Siberian Ob River, thousands of kilometers from our so-called civilization. On the bank stands a woman in an old jacket, long skirt, wearing rubber galoshes, and so wrapped up in a shawl that only her eyes are visible. I was looking for a guide who could show me the path leading to the place in the taiga where the ringing cedar grew. So I approached her. She answered that you had to walk twenty-five kilometers across the taiga to get there, and she agreed to take me. This woman's name, as it later turned out, was Anastasia. She, just as many researchers now consider, is indeed the most unusual phenomenon of our time. And not only because she was born and lives in the heart of the Siberian taiga. Recluses are also found in other places on earth. But Anastasia possesses some mysterious abilities and knowledge of the primogenitors. She considers the basic science to be the science of imagery, knowledge that was partially possessed by the priests of ancient Egypt. The curing of all kinds of diseases and teleportation are not at all the most important of her abilities. As shown by later events, she is able to design the future and, following her thoughts, this future begins to materialize in the real circumstances of our lives. In doing so, she asserts that every person living on earth possesses these same abilities. They begin to manifest themselves in people in a certain way of life. During the first hours of our meeting, Anastasia did not in any way differ from the ordinary dwellers of the Siberian backwoods. More probably she very skillfully disguised herself as one of them. And I had a feeling of superiority over the ordinary woman walking in front of me along the path through the taiga. After all, at that time I was a well-known businessman, traveling in a comfortable boat, and who was she?

But at a stop, when I decided to have a rest and quench my thirst, the first startling event occurred. The woman refused to share my meal, went off by herself, took off her shawl and outer clothing, down to a short summer dress, lay down on the grass under the rays of the weak sun.

When I tore myself away from my meal and glanced at her, I was struck by what I saw. On the grass was lying an uncommonly beautiful woman, about twenty-three, with long, golden hair. The features of her face were regular, her well-tended skin did not at all resemble the weather-beaten faces of the dwellers of the Siberian backwoods. She had large, kind, grey-blue eyes, and lips that smiled slightly. An unusual energy emanated from her lithe body, which could be felt even at a distance of several metres. And it felt as if the sun's rays, touching her body, were transformed into some kind of bewitching energy that caressed the space around her. She was wearing a short, light dress, somewhat resembling a nightshirt, but one had the impression that her body was not cold.

I spent three days in the taiga together with Anastasia, but had the sensation that I had passed through several lifetimes, and moreover in different dimensions. At the beginning, to a greater extent I was struck by the mode of life of this recluse of the taiga. At her gesture, squirrels place dried mushrooms and cedar nuts at her feet. She sometimes plays with a she-wolf as with a pet dog. Not all animals of the taiga serve Anastasia devotedly, only those that live on her territory. But this did not turn out to be the main thing. The phenomenon of Anastasia lies in the fact that she is able to reproduce pictures of her family's life beginning with the creation of the earth. I did not accidentally use the word "reproduce." When she speaks of the life of her distant forefathers of tens of thousands of years in the past, then vivid pictures of these distant events arise. These pictures are more perfect than those on a television screen. It is as if holograms appear in space and the scents and sounds of the distant past are experienced. Researchers suppose that, in theory, pictures of the past of one's family can be seen by each person, through genetic memory. However, the hustle and bustle of modern life does not allow a person to do this, and perhaps these abilities for most people have been lost, as have, by the way, many other abilities.

R.J.: To me, Vladimir Nikolaevich, it all rang true right away, but my husband said wistfully "It all sounds too good to be true - if only that could be our reality." How do readers really know, unless they have a deep inner response themselves?

V.M.: It is difficult to verify the authenticity of Anastasia's stories about the past. However, the logic in her stories is greater than the logic in official historical works, and Anastasia's construction of the pictures of people's lives in the future is beginning to come true, even in detail.

According to Anastasia, the future of humanity is seen as amazingly beautiful. However, this future is based not on so-called scientific and technological progress, but on a profound knowledge of the natural world.

She considers the modern method of conquering outer space using space ships to be primitive, irrational and impossible on a sufficiently serious scale.

Mankind can settle distant planets and create life on them only by using its psychotelepathic abilities, which will develop in proportion to the construction of a more perfect way of life for people on the planet Earth.

Anastasia has an unusually rapid speed of thought. She may exceed the speed of the most modern computers many times over.

For example, in response to the question, "What is the main source of air pollution in large cities?" she gazed for several minutes in her own individual way, analyzed the situation in the cities of the entire world, and answered: "Smoke coming from the tailpipes of the cars moving in the city and leaving on the roads tiny particles of their wheels." Of course, information about cars as the main source of air pollution in large cities is widely known, but attention has not been drawn to the tiny particles of rubber from rubbing the tires on the asphalt. But further, in only several minutes, Anastasia had analyzed the vast number of alternative ways of cleaning the harmful dust from the air of large cities and offered, in her words, the most rational solution. She suggested placing beneath the bottom of each car a small box, which would collect the harmful particles when the car was moving. This method has not been referred to anywhere, but using it, it would be possible to collect tens of tons of the harmful substance from the streets of modern large metropolises. I would be happy if it were used in America.

R.J.: Anastasia's philosophy, her descriptions of our reality today, her story, and more precisely the image she creates of the wonderful future of Russia and the entire world, have given rise to an unbelievable phenomenon in society. I understand that hundreds of thousands of people, not waiting for instructions from above or government financing, have, on their own initiative, embarked on making this created image a reality. Is that true?

V.M.: Yes, Anastasia believes that every family should have its own parcel of land with an area of no less than a hectare. This parcel, which the recluse from the taiga calls a Kin's domain, should be transformed by the family into a living, heavenly oasis, that answers all a person's needs. A person's level of spiritual development is represented by the appearance of his living creation and the person's way of life in it.

She considers it totally unacceptable to bury members of a family in cemeteries. They should be buried only on Kin's domains. Then the spirits of the deceased relatives will not suffer from the fact that their bodies have been discarded, as into waste pits far from their relations, in a cemetery. But on the contrary, buried in Kin's domains, their soul will help and protect the people living in the domains.

Analogous to our modern ones, cemeteries existed in antiquity as well, but they were intended for animals that had died of diseases and criminals without families.

Anastasia spoke about how to lay out and develop one's Kin's domain so that, using it, it would be possible to rid oneself of physical ailments.

She spoke about the ancient and very beautiful wedding ceremony in a fair bit of detail, a ceremony through which the young couple, by the force of their thoughts, created the plan for their future Kin's domain, and at the very moment of the marriage, with the participation of their parents, relatives, and friends, that which they had thought about materialized in several minutes.

Anastasia also asserts that, for young couples who create their Kin's domains in this manner, love will never pass away. Moreover, it will become stronger with the years, and she explains why this occurs:

"When a husband looks at his wife, he subconsciously identifies her both with his wonderful domain and with his child, who, this is also essential, should be born on the domain." This is something to believe in. After all, for each person the very best place in the world remains his or her own small homeland. The most beautiful and best of the children of the entire world will always be his or her child.

Anastasia also asserts that, if all people or the majority of them begin consciously to create their Kin's domain, turning them into heavenly oases, then the entire world will be transformed. Natural cataclysms and wars will not occur on earth. When the inner, spiritual world of a person changes, new knowledge and abilities will be opened to him or her. A person may create wonderful worlds analogous to our earthly world on other planets.

Regina Jensen, Ph.D.

R.J.: Vladimir Nikolaevich, this all sounds so very amazing and encouraging. But we have many people, especially many authorities, who would not want people to have this information and criticize not only you but anyone who would believe Anastasia's philosophies.

V.M.: The official critics may approach the subjects of the books and pronouncements of the recluse from the taiga in various ways, but their opinions are not really that important now. The most important critics - the people - have expressed their positive opinion in tens of thousands of letters, and hundreds of thousands of e-mails. They have expressed themselves not only with words, but also with concrete actions. The hundreds of large and small settlements that have sprung up and continue to spring up all across Russia are confirmation of that.

R.J.: Is that incredibly positive response all over the world not somewhat of a miracle in itself?

V.M.: Yes, it is here that a riddle arises, a riddle that for the time being remains unsolvable and mysterious: if this mass movement has been provoked by only the pronouncements of this recluse from the taiga quoted in books, what force is hidden behind her phrases? It is possible that they are constructed in such a way that the letters form a certain code. It is possible that a certain rhythm of her phrases has significance. Anastasia usually tries to attune herself to the manner of speech of her interlocutor, using his vocabulary, way of constructing phrases, but at certain moments she suddenly begins to speak another language, categorically smooth and rhythmic. She very precisely articulates each letter of the phrases she pronounces, and an unusual energy is felt after each sound. And then what she has said is remembered word for word, as if a tape recorder is operating in one's mind. And moreover, vivid pictures arise before the listener, and the meaning of what was said is assimilated by the subconscious. As an example, I quote an excerpt of God's conversation with the first man in Anastasia's re-telling:

"Where is the edge of the Universe? What will I do when I come to it? When I myself fill everything, and have created everything I have conceived?" the first of the primogenitors asks God, and receives this answer:

"My son. The Universe itself is a thought, a thought from which was born a dream, which is partially visible as matter. When you approach the edge of all creation, your thought will reveal a new beginning and continuation. From obscurity will arise the new and resplendent birth of you, and it will reflect in itself your soul, your dreams, your whole aspirations. My son, you are infinite, you are eternal, within you are your dreams of creation."

The future of the earth as designed by Anastasia appears fabulously wonderful. People who are transforming it into reality are for the time being living it in their dreams, but I believe that their dreams will definitely materialize.

R.J.: In your creative work, you touch on the most painful social problems. In many respects you uncover the causes giving rise to these problems, and also for whom they are profitable. Of course for a person like you, there exist people who envy you and wish you ill, who try in every way possible to slander you, spread scandals and dream up the most absurd stories about you.
So, in English-speaking countries, among your readers, the rumor has spread, and is being maintained, that you abandoned Anastasia, periodically drink heavily, and have found a young lover!
Would you please comment on these allegations? Also, Vladimir Nikolaevich, should that happen again, might you have some helpful suggestions for your readers, so that they might know how to protect themselves from these types of hurtful rumors?

V.M.: Negative rumors have been circulating about me for as long as ten years. In all this, the mass media have been exploited in the most active manner. I live in Russia. Once, when I was sitting in my garden beneath an apple tree and working on my next book, a neighbor comes up to me in the garden with a newspaper in his hands and says, "Vladimir, you're sitting here, but the newspaper writes that you live in an Egyptian palace surrounded by Mafia gunmen and that you operate a totalitarian sect, and the readers of your books are going out of their minds."

I didn't have to explain anything to my neighbor, he saw with his own eyes that the newspaper was printing a lie. But after only several days, this same article was reprinted by a number of newspapers, including one Canadian newspaper. The Russian District Court told my lawyers that the newspaper had said nothing insulting, the journalist had simply expressed his opinion, and he had the right to do so. But this journalist had not even met with me. The editor of the Canadian newspaper, after Canadian readers appealed to him, and without the intervention of a court, made public apologies.

Regarding the sharing of this special material, there seems to be an overt, concerted effort not to permit society to discuss the ideas and suggestions set out in the books regarding modern man's urgent need to improve their way of living. The libelous publications never earnestly discuss the issues raised in the books, but speak in uninformed generalities and degrading terms about me and my readers.

Even the priests of ancient Egypt understood all too well that images rule the world. An image is a great energy that is capable of having an influence on a slave and a pharaoh in equal measure - through all time and space. We have much scientific research which confirms all this now. Anastasia, the recluse from the taiga, to all appearances, has a brilliant command of the science of imagery, and modern priests are not succeeding and will not succeed in overcoming her powerful, positive and living images.

R.J.: Yes, as we said earlier, someone like Anastasia, and you along with her, must be like big thorns in the sides of many individuals of power who prefer that we remain the blind and dull-witted masses, and not come into the God-given powers of which you and Anastasia remind us so powerfully.

V.M.: I myself think that the point is not only the ideas, but most likely their exposition in Anastasia's language, judge for yourself. All of us have known for a long time that drinking and smoking is not good, that breathing fresh air is more wholesome, more pleasant, and that pure water is more beneficial for our health. However we continued to live in ecologically unhealthy and destructive large metropolises, and the heroes of the majority of the most popular television series, social models for many people, spend their leisure time in bars and discotheques. But all of a sudden people did hear truths that have long been known, and the truths are inspiring them at last to concrete, real actions. So some kind of great power must have been concealed in the spiritual impulses of Anastasia, and this power seemingly overcomes the darkness that has conquered the world.

R.J.: No wonder that there is a struggle against Anastasia's tangible, inspiring ideas and philosophy.

V.M.: Yes, in this instance, the spreading of all sorts of rumors about me are ultimately futile subterfuges to distract people away from the main issues at hand. Moreover even in the first book I disclosed about myself that I am not a saint, that I drank, smoked, flirted with women, and was involved in business. But now I don't. Yes, the blood of the businessman can still begin to rush, only now it is not like before. I am very proud that, with the help of my daughter and son-in-law, I have been able to set up the production of cedar oil according to Anastasia's technology. And I think there are not many products in the world equal to it. For a long time I was unable to bring it up to the quality of Anastasia's oil, even though the modern technology of a medicinal compounds plant was used. But it soon became clear that it was impossible to obtain the required quality in the city, and it then became necessary to transfer the production to a village in the taiga 100 km from the city...and it worked out. With regard to Anastasia, she is always with me, in my heart, in my soul.

R.J.: Vladimir Nikolaevich, readers will never forgive me if I do not ask you some questions about your new book.
Could you tell us about some of the topics you touch on in the new book?

V.M.: In the new book I shall be speaking about the power of human thought as the most powerful energy in the universe.

R.J.: What are your favorite parts of the book?

V.M.: I always like to write about something good, even vitality and mood improve, aches and pains disappear when you write about something good, about the victory of good. In the new book I also talk about my children, about the ice age, when people left their familiar areas and, like a little girl, attempted to stop the glacier.

R.J.: Vladimir, has Anastasia discussed things that were completely new for you?

V.M.:Yes, she has, but they are not always comprehensible or seem insignificant. For example, she says that humanity has not yet determined the purpose and meaning of its existence, and claims that human existence lies in the perfection of the natural living environment. She had said that a long time ago, but I did not write it because I supposed that the living environment included, for example, an apartment or domain, and that this did not involve spirituality. However, in further conversations it became clear that by living environment she understands not only a Kin's domain, even a very perfect one, but the entire universe, and she says how can a person, in perfecting his or her living environment, protect the earth even from meteorites, and make the universe a more comfortable place to live. By perfecting his or her living environment, a person perfects himself or herself, as well as his or her own body and spirit.

R.J.: That does sound fascinating. Has she given you any other information that has appeared very strange to you?

V.M.: Rather than strange, it was not completely understandable. For example, she has several times tried to tell how a person, when dying, may not die, or to put in another way, when falling asleep, may wake up in a new body. She tells it in a more detailed way than I do. But sometimes in doing so she uses words that are not found in our vocabulary. As a result I cannot set this out in comprehensible language, so we speak about this topic again. I sometimes ask Anastasia, "Translate the words you are saying into a more understandable language." She answers, "They cannot be translated into your modern language, I am probably illiterate in translations," and laughs. But I know that she is extremely literate.

R.J.: Sometimes Anastasia has a very serious attitude toward certain scenes that she wants you to write. Did something similar happen in this book?

V.M.:Yes, it did. But in general when she speaks about something significant, that she herself believes deeply, then she adopts an especially unusual construction for her phrases. For example in the book Co-creation, when she spoke about the interrelationships of the energy of Love with God, everything she said sounded like pure verse, and one can remember the entire book not simply word for word, but one sees pictures depicting what was said.

R.J.: What is Anastasia's basic goal in this book for the readers?

V.M.: I did not specifically ask what her goal was. Intuitively, I myself feel that she desperately wants to do something good for people. To remind humanity of some forgotten knowledge or feelings. She is prepared to call down fire on herself, and for that reason she says, "Woe unto you Nostradamus! The dates of the fearful cataclysms upon the Earth were not so much your divinations as the creations of your thought. You made millions of people persuade themselves of these by what you taught and thereby aim their thoughts at the implementation of the same. Your thought still hovers up there, hiding in the blue, still frightening people with your prophecies of despair, but now they will no longer come true. Let your thought join in fray with mine. Of course you knew all this ahead of time, and that is why you are so eager to flee away." Or another: "Prepare yourself, all wickedness and evil-mindedness, to leave the Earth behind and fall upon me!"

R.J.: Thank you very much, Vladimir Nikolaevich, for the time you have given to your English readers. We are all impatiently waiting to hear more!

Regina B. Jensen, Ph.D.

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* John Woodsworth: (http://www.ringingcedarsofrussia.org/newsletter/07_07_06.htm#12)

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